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As a certified Health Coach, I help busy professional women to adopt a simple, sustainable and hassle free healthy eating routine, so they can stop feeling exhausted and have lots of energy to feel productive at work and really enjoy their downtime.

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My own experiences with burnout and illness have made me extremely passionate about supporting other women to take control of their health, to find more energy, balance, and a renewed excitement for life!

As a certified Health Coach, I help professional women who are feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, to unpick what is holding them back, and to adopt a simple and sustainable routine of healthy eating that works for them. I’ll take the time and stress out of food shopping and meal prep, so you can feel energised and able to thrive at home and at work. 


You might feel like you’re spending all your time and energy coping with work and taking care of those around you, so you're chronically tired and have no motivation to make changes. I fully understand because I’ve been there too.


You may be struggling with niggling symptoms like unwanted weight gain, intense sugar cravings, anxiety, digestive issues, low energy levels or motivation.


Many women I work with know that eating more nutritious food would improve their mood and energy levels, but struggle because of a lack of knowledge of what specifically needs to change, or the stresses of food shopping and cooking on top of a busy lifestyle feel far too overwhelming to address.


You may also have tried fad diets in the past but had trouble making this stick because the demands of the diet were too extreme, too “one size fits all” and didn’t actually fit with your lifestyle.

I completely understand how frustrating and un-motivating this cycle can feel.


That’s why my role is to co-create a unique action plan with you that fits into your life, and to walk beside you, supporting and empowering you with the right tools to sustain this new routine. 


You will feel increased energy, calm and motivation, improved digestion, and a clearer mind. You’ll feel in control of your health and life again, and have more energy to pursue the things you love.

To get started, book a free online consultation with me to discuss your symptoms and areas of concern, and how we could work together to help you reach your goals.

"Sophie has been extremely helpful and supportive through the 3 month program, providing valuable advice and excellent tools. Thanks to Sophie's support, I'm not stressed about cooking anymore. I learnt practical and quick tips that have been easy to put into practice in my daily life. Being a mother of an 18 month old, Sophie has been a life saver... In one word, Sophie is AMAZING! She is flexible and managed to adapt her coaching to every situation I was going through."

- Ghada, completed 3 month program


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Learn how we can work together to help you find a healthy eating routine that fits your lifestyle


Find out how I support clients to fall in love with healthy eating and improve their health


Find out about my 1:1 coaching programme, designed to help you adopt a simple & sustainable healthy eating routine.


Schedule a free 50 minute consultation to discuss the challenges you're facing and whether working together is right for you. Simply select a time that works for you in my calendar, or send me a message via the contact form below. I would be delighted to hear from you!

All appointments are held via video call or over the phone right now.

I respect your privacy. Contact details provided will only be used to respond to your enquiry and for no other purpose. 

Thanks for submitting!

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