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  • A simpler way to better health and happiness with guidance and support each step of the way.


  • No one size fits all approach! I tailor your sessions to help you reach your specific goals, ditch fad diets and sustain your healthy habits long term.

  • As your Coach, I won’t dictate a diet for you but I will work with you to find out what specific foods help you feel at your best, because we are all different.


  • I help take the time, stress and overwhelm out of healthy eating and cooking for you, so you can eat well on your busy schedule and boost your energy levels.


  • I empower you through simple, easy-to-manage steps, to improve sleep and reduce stress so you can stop feeling exhausted and start feeling more balanced and effective at work.


  • I will support, motivate and provide you with accountability to overcome setbacks.


  • I help you to become an expert in your own health.

Either through my signature 3 Month Programme or ad hoc sessions, I hold 1:1 coaching sessions regularly with my clients to support and inspire you to make small but transformative changes to improve your energy levels, health and happiness. 

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Coaching could be the right next step if you:

  • Value your wellbeing but struggle to prioritise yourself because of the demands of work and looking after your family.

  • Feel frustrated by chronic symptoms like fatigue, poor sleep, unwanted weight gain, digestive issues, anxiety or low motivation.

  • Have felt frustrated by yo-yo dieting or one size fits all approaches that don't work long term.

  • Feel sluggish, unmotivated or unhappy in your own skin.

  • Feel overwhelmed by work stress.

  • Know you want to make changes to what you eat but worry that adopting a new routine would be too overwhelming or difficult.

  • Struggle with cravings for sugar or caffeine.

  • Are ready to make small, cumulative changes to accomplish your goals in a way that is empowering and enjoyable!

What is a health coach?: About


"Sophie's thoughtful, realistic and well-informed approach to health coaching means that I have been able to make meaningful changes to my life and my health without it ever feeling restrictive or hard. 

Since working with Sophie, I've changed the way I shop and the way I approach food in a really positive way that has improved my blood sugar throughout the day and improved how much nutrient dense food I'm eating without ever feeling deprived. 

I've also made massive improvements with my sleep and bedtime habits with Sophie's gentle and supportive coaching. This is self care in action, thanks Sophie!"

- Kirsten

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