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Support during the COVID-19 outbreak


Right now, as we all make considerable lifestyle changes to slow the COVID-19 outbreak, looking after your emotional and physical wellbeing has never been more important.

If you are a critical worker, I am one of many coaches offering free support calls through the UK Health Coach Association to help improve your wellbeing during this difficult time. We can support with sleep issues, reducing stress, adopting healthy routines, supporting your immune health and generally be there to provide a friendly and supportive listening ear.


Find more information and register for free support on the UK Health Coach Association website now. 

If you are not a critical worker, but you are looking for 1:1 support with any of these areas, I would still love to help:

  • stress management and relaxation

  • poor sleep

  • how to stay physically and mentally well while self-isolating, or in quarantine

  • healthy home cooking 

I was very ill a few years ago and spent a long period of time largely housebound, and so I'm very familiar with the emotional toll of such a large disruption to your normal routine. You may well feel overwhelmed, fearful or anxious.


Working together, I will support you with practical steps to improve your wellbeing, helping you to stay calm and focused as we come through this period together.


As your coach, I will be your cheerleader and support. You can restore a sense of balance back to your life, even during this challenging period.

I offer a free 50 minute consultation, held over the phone or online, to talk through your concerns.



Along with many of my peers at the UK Health Coach Association, we are offering free support calls for critical workers. We can support with improving your wellbeing at this difficult time, sleep issues, eating to support your immune system, and provide a friendly listening ear for you. Register on the UK Health Coach Association website. 

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